Born in Barcelona on January 23, 1965, ADOLF lives in Valldoreix, Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona), Catalonia, where he has the workshop (ADOLF taller d'art) opened to visitors.
He studied painting at Sant Cugat Art School and Barcelona "Llotja". He studied photography and engraving.
In 1987, he makes "Sequential Art", naming it to a kind series of pictures, and makes the first solo exhibition.
His work is divided in 8 different areas, like in this website: Painting - Drawing - Engraving - Photography - Bookplates - Artist's books - Illustration - Poetry. There are sequences in all areas.
He has done more than 150 collective and solo exhibitis in art galleries or other art spaces in Sant Cugat, Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain, England, Italy, Japan...
He has make more than 200 drawing or oil portraits.
He is a founding member of FIRART, the Sant Cugat artist association (1994). He is also member of ACE (Associació Catalana d'Exlibristes) (1999), Associacio d'Artistes Visuals de Catalunya (2002), etc.

Here you have all his activities, in Catalan, or Castellano